Tips against flu and cold

Alisha Deo

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The annual flu season is in front of the door! And that is of course the last thing we are waiting for during the busiest period of the year. That is why we have listed a number of useful tips in a row, to keep a daily flu or cold out out of the door as much as possible.

Wash hands
You press the OK button on the ATM, the door opens, phone from your colleague’s phone and before you know it you have a cold. Bacteria are everywhere and spread at lightning speed. That is why it was often your hands and keep them away from your mouth, eyes and nose as much as possible. Unfortunately, you can’t wash your hands anytime anywhere. Therefore, make sure that you always have an antibacterial gel in your bag, so that you can make your hands even bacterial free at any time. And tip of Daniëlle: “I don’t go out the door without gloves at the moment, nobody looks strange in the winter and you are sure that you do not make a direct contact with bacterial sensitive objects outside the door”.

Sleep is very important to prevent a cold. Rest strengthens your immune system. Ensure a ventilated bedroom and avoid dry heating air. This ensures that your mucous membranes dry out, which increases the chance of an infection.

Dress warm
The volatile autumn weather does not make it easy in the morning if you are in front of your wardrobe. Yet it is better to get too hot then too cold dressed. If your cold barrel, your body temperature drops, so that you are more sensitive to viruses. Don’t you really know what to do? Then go for layers!

Make sure you move enough. Exercise supports the metabolism and the immune system, allowing your body to better tackle a cold. So in the legs!

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