5 tips for interior styling

Alisha Deo

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With simple decoration and interior tips you already get very far. Here 5 tips that you can adhere to to style your interior as a whole. Create your home a place where you can feel completely at home and let your personality speak with your interior. Hereby 5 tips!

Tip 1: Determine your style
There are infinite many different interior styles that you can choose from. Do you find it difficult to determine what exactly your style is? A trick to help you with this to look at your wardrobe. Is there a certain style, color or pattern that comes back a lot? In addition, you can also look at the following question: How do you want a space to feels? Think of keywords as a traditional, elegant, playful, modern or humorous. You can get inspirations for interior from literally everything. Think of hotels where you’ve ever spent or at restaurants that make your claims. Make residential inspiration in an interior magazine and on various interior blogs or websites.

Tip 2: Find out what you don’t like
It is much easier for people to express what they don’t like. This allows you to eliminate some things and limit others. Think of furniture from your youth or previous houses that you found terrible. Consider certain colors or patterns that you really don’t want to see in your own house. Memories are very personal and individual, but also determine our taste.

Tip 3: Let the space inspire your style
Let the space inspire you. What does your house or apartment look like? How many square meters do you have? Look at the type of space. Pay attention to the parts and aspects that are already there, such as doors, walls, floors or windows. Let yourself be inspired. Think about the balance of a space. Relationship and scale are the key to any design.

Tip 4: Go loose with paint
Paint selection is one of the most important and most cost-effective decisions that you can take. Connect the correct color spaces. Consider the house as a whole. Please note how colors influence our vote. Some colors ensure that people feel happy, calm or productive. Always try to paint paint colors. Watch them in natural light, morning light and at night. The outdoor environment has a strong influence on the temperature of the light.

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