Where can you find most bacteria?

Alisha Deo

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You soon think: On the toilet of course or in the dishcloth. But nothing is less true. There are plenty of places in the house where those nasty critters are much rather nestle. Certainly with the coming flu season coming, it seemed useful to us to list a number of important, bacterial places in the house.

Door handles: they also say it, give hands is more dangerous than kissing and what is that true! But most hands are naturally given to door handles, so be careful!
Everything with buttons: your phone, remote controls, computer keys, game consoles and all other devices with buttons are the perfect breeding ground for dirty critters.
The kitchen sponge: yes, not the dishcloth but the kitchen sponge is the big culprit on the counter. Washing the sponge or cloth regularly with washing-up liquid is not enough. Was it at 60 degrees or just throw it away after a few days.
Slippers and slippers: You may not believe it, but slippers are full of bacteria. After three months, more than 93 percent of the slippers have tens of thousands of bacteria.
The soap pump: yes what do you touch when you have dirty hands? Just the soap pump and the tap buttons.
The toothbrush: toothbrushes are a briefcase for bacteria. Because they are often in a warm, humid environment, bacteria can easily spread. Tip: Always do the toilet cover down when you continue, so you prevent flying around from all kinds of bacteria that you really don’t want to have on your toothbrush, Jak!
The bed: already after 24 hours your bed is full of mites and other bacteria. Air your bedding every day and change your bed every week.
Hugs: There has been an investigation in which the staphylococci bacteria was found at a quarter of the cuddly animals studied. So this on the first eye was innocent plush friends regularly!
The wallet: an extra reason to grab your wallet less often. This utensil filled with money that has been touched by hundreds of hands is also a party for bacteria and other germs.

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