This way you wear a high waist trousers

Alisha Deo

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Pants exist in all shapes and sizes. Some are casual, others are ideally suited to wear to the office. That’s why it is therefore that the pantaler with a high waist is completely trendy. You can wear this in many different situations. With a blouse or a jacket you give a formal touch, a cheerful t-shirt gives you again that relaxed, casual look. No wonder so the pants are back. A must-have for the basis of your wardrobe!

A high waist trousers is for everyone
A high-waist trousers is not only for ladies with a specific physique. There are many different models within this category. So whatever form your body has, you always find a trousers that suits you. Do you have a hourglass figure? then you are lucky! With you almost every trousers of this species. The trousers emphasize your slim waist. Are you a little fuller about your entire body? Then a pair of pants that walk has a smart choice. The slender ladies can choose the best for a trousers with straight pipes.

At the office
Does a formal dress code apply to your work? Of course you can combine your trousers with a few beautiful, high heels. So your legs also seem like a lot longer! Especially the trousers that are equipped with a pleat make your look more formal. You can combine the whole with a neat blouse, preferably a white one. The combination of black trousers and white blouse remains a real classic. But also a dark blue trousers is a good option. You keep the rest of your look minimalist. So modest makeup and no striking jewelry. Red nail polish does very well with this outfit.

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