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Alisha Deo

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Reading is something that the entrepreneurial Lifestyle NWS Lady has to do with every day. Of course it is essential to keep aware of the latest news, new investigations or interesting books. Unfortunately, all this greatly takes a lot of time .. We have a number of useful tips to read faster!

Use a pointer while reading; Keep a finger or pen with the words that you are reading at the time. When you blink your eyes, your eyes from reflex will go back slightly in the sense or just search where you stayed and this takes time. Keep a finger or pen with the text then your eyes are right at the point where you had remained.
Not the speed but the control is important. Controlled reading is of greater importance than the speed of reading. You can fly over the words too quickly so that you have to read it again to understand what is standing. It is better than to reduce your pace and to read more controller. Keep your pace as constant possible, using a pointer also helps with this.
Too high pace does not forget faster. When your Leestempo is too high, your brain beat the information worse and you forget the content of the text much earlier than when you read a little slower but careful.
Avoid talking out loud. This slows down the reading process and ensures that you are more concerned with a good word statement than understanding the meaning of the sentences.
Make the text more interesting for yourself. Never start just an informative text. Ask yourself in advance why the content is relevant to you to continue. This ensures that you will read the text with more interest, want to do more effort to understand the content and less quickly.
Read word groups instead of individual words. A text word for word want to read slows down your Leestempo. Try to read and understand in word groups or yourself. You focus on independent nouns and verbs.
Focus on titles, intermedces and paragraphs of paragraphs of paragraphs. The most important parts of the text are described here.
And last but not least; practice makes perfect. The more you read and the more often you apply the above techniques the faster you get them under knee and the faster you will read. Practice!

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