How do you wear a Bralette?

Alisha Deo

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In fact, every woman should have at least one in her closet. The BRALETTE, a combination of bra and top, is easy and functional at the same time. And so he uses us at many different moments. Nowadays you see the Bralette in many different variants and in more and more stores. But how exactly you wear it? We are happy to give you some tips. So that you too can use this comfortable item to make optimal optimal.

A bralette under a pullover
Do you also have a wide pullover in your closet hanging that casually hangs over your one shoulder? A bra band that runs over your shoulder often doesn’t look so neat. And a simple top soon has something saais. And so the Bralette offers the outcome. He also fits well under a crocheted, semi-transparent sweater. Or under a pullover with a deep v-neck. A bralette gives a sweater a completely different dimension. Comfortable and feminine at the same time!

In combination with a shirt
And what about a bralette under a shirt? Especially in combination with the classic white shirt you can make a nice whole of this. For example, playfully open the upper buttons so that your bralette is visible. Black or white are ideal colors. Moreover, a bralette in the summer is a lot more pleasant and lighter among office wear than the ordinary bra. Let it hang it for the time being in the cupboard and say goodbye to that pinching bra brackets!

A bralette and a long skirt
You may not come up with it as soon, but you can also use a bralette for a somewhat clever outfit. Long skirts are completely hip nowadays. Most of them wear high at the waist. Wear a nice bralette here and you are ready for that hip party or that romantic walk along the boulevard. You can best choose a simple, sporty-looking variant to prevent your outfit ‘Too Much’.

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