Never forget something more with these memory tricks

Alisha Deo

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Where did I leave my keys again, and what was the name of that person I met yesterday again? Are these questions known for you? Then this article is very useful to you. There is a number of memory tricks that can help your memory a hand in these situations.

The numbering system
A person can only remember a limited number of numbers, assassbridges can help to increase that number, one is the number form system. With this system a specific object is linked to each digit. For example, the 8 is a snowman and the 9 a balloon on a string. A number is thus remembered as a combination of images. The number 89 is then a snowman with a balloon.

Example frame:

0 = a ring
1 = a pen
2 = a swan
3 = lips
4 = a flag
5 = a sea horse
6 = Elephant slurf (Elephant)
7 = Boomerang
8 = Snowman
9 = a balloon on a string
Remember names with fantasy
Remembering names in faces can be difficult. We are often more concerned with proposing ourselves than listening to the name of the other. A handy trick to remember names is to repeat the name of the person to your state loud. “Hello I am Evelien”, “Hi Evelien, nice to meet you”. In addition, you can create an as striking picture of someone in your head. Pay attention to the details that you stand out with this person, does he or she may have a crazy name, or a specific hairstyle? Your brain links this image to the name and so you remember the day after suddenly much better who you meet and what name belonged to it. This is really one of the toppers under the memory tricks.

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