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Especially on weekdays you can soon get slightly carelessly out of the closet. And there you go back to school, work or other obligations. As always in jeans, sneakers and a comfortable sweater. You wonder how the ladies that you encounter along the way are effortlessly look charming in the eye. They will not stand for the mirror for the mirror in the morning? Would you also like to dress any more feminine or romantic without too much effort? Then a few tips can help you go a long way.

A style for every woman
A romantic style is really not only reserved for the fashion jokes among us. Contrary to what many people think, this style is just for everyone. An ultimate way to express your femininity. Regardless of your age or figure. The romantic style is about emphasizing the woman and is not about hiding imperfections. Moreover, there are also different variants under the heading ‘romantic’, such as romantic girly (think of shirts with funny prints or texts) and romantic casual (easy sneakers under a cute skirt).

Start with one item
Where everyone agrees, that side, flowers, soft or pastel colors and dresses and skirts in the romantic style. Don’t be afraid, that doesn’t mean you have to dress like a little princess. It is best to start with one romantic garment at the beginning. That way you don’t have to step out of your comfort zone. Sets instead of those nicely easy black blouse for a white or pink. Although you also put a jeans, this is still a world of difference.

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