How do you find the ideal shoulder or handbag?

Alisha Deo

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Most women do not like to leave the door without a handbag. You simply feel completely complete without. And moreover, where do you leave your wallet, keys, mobile, makeup and other things? In possession of the handbag ideal handbag is often underestimated. Depending on your needs, you will look for a bag that suits you exactly. What you should pay attention to, you can read that in this blog.

The size
Consider well where you mainly use your handbag. Are you minimalist and always take the basics with you? Then a large bag will undoubtedly irritate you. But are you a bookworm and always take reading reading with you when you are on the move? Reserve for that thick pill than extra space. It would be a shame if you walk through the central station every day with a book under your arm instead of in your bag.

A bag for rumble bounds and control freaks
Are you a Sloddervos from the first hour and do you throw everything careless in your bag? Chances are that you are regularly looking for an item that really has to sit somewhere in that bag. An item that, drowned between the other messages, wasted somewhere on the bottom. A bag with different courses is then ideal to create a little more order. But also for the so-called control freaks among us is such a kind of bag a solution. You know exactly where your phone, debit card and tissues are located!

Party? Choose a clutch
It is obvious that the ideal shoulder or handbag is not a bag that you can arrive at any occasion. You can take a nice bag to your work, an informal night out, while shopping and so on. Are you invited for a party or another special occasion? Then you always bring a smaller size, a clutch. Wearing a small bag on special occasions has been regarded as an unwritten law for years.

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